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Research and Evaluation

Evaluation of the Targeted Instructional Support Initiative Program in High Schools (TISI-HS)  

 Berhane B. Araia, Ph.D.  


This report presents findings from the implementation and impact evaluation of the Targeted Instructional Support Initiative in High Schools (TISI-HS). The report focuses on TISI-HS’ component which provides selected ninth grade students with up to 24-hours of additional instructional time in reading over a 9-week period using the Reading Plus® program. This evaluation examines two aspects of the Reading Plus® program at Bladensburg HS, namely: (a) student selection and participation in the program, and (b) impact of the program on reading achievement.  The evaluation finds that selection of students was not conducted with fidelity; students who were not eligible to participate in the intervention participated, while below-grade readers, who were the targeted group for the intervention, were not selected to participate.  In all, 65 students at Bladensburg High School participated in the program.  On average, participants used 10 hours of instruction, with almost two-thirds (63%) of the participants received 12 or fewer hours of the Reading Plus instruction.  Overall, students who participated in the reading intervention significantly outperformed similar students that did not participate in the intervention on the end of year reading assessment. However, the findings indicate that only the group of students reading below-grade prior to the intervention benefited from participating in the program.  The advantage to below-grade readers who participated in the program over their non-participating peers is equivalent to the growth in reading that would be achieved with about six-months of regular classroom instruction. The findings also indicate that program participants transitioned from below grade (at the beginning of the winter quarter) to on-grade (at the end of the spring quarter) at a rate higher than their non-participating peers.  Specifically, students who participated in the reading intervention had a 13-percentage point advantage over non-participants in the proportion of students who were on-grade at the end of the school year.


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