Research and Evaluation
Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Current Mathematics Interventions in Prince George’s County Public Schools 

 Cecily Darden Adams



Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is revisiting how to best provide supports for students who need additional assistance in mathematics.The purpose of this study is to identify the extent to which each of the current mathematics intervention programs in PGCPS have evidence of effectiveness.  There are 21 unique programs, with 14 approved for elementary level instructional support and 10 programs approved for the secondary level.  Three programs are approved for both elementary and secondary mathematics support.  The literature review yielded widely varying literature.  The authors reviewed the findings of the eligible studies, and summarized them for each intervention using three categories: (1) strong evidence, (2) sufficient evidence, and (3) insufficient evidence.  Overall, the authors found 1—Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor—to have strong evidence of effectiveness.  Four of the interventions—Dreambox Learning, First in Math, Focus Math and Odyssey Math—were determined to have sufficient evidence of effectiveness based on the strength of evidence and/or strength of the study design.  Although these interventions received the same ranking, the evidence for them is quite varied.  Interventions with evidence that was deemed insufficient based on the research questions of the current study, the lack of rigor for the evidence, and/or too few studies are grouped higher on the gauge were FASTT, i-Ready Math, My Math, and Study Island.  Lastly, the authors were not able to identify any research studies meeting the selection criteria for the remaining interventions. These studies do not have sufficiently rigorous research, but this lack of research does not mean that these interventions are not potentially effective.   The sheer number of mathematics interventions available and the finding that the majority of mathematics interventions in PGCPS have insufficient evidence of effectiveness is stark.

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