Research and Evaluation
An Evaluation of the Science and Technology Program in the Prince George’s County Public Schools 



The Department of Research and Evaluation of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) conducted an evaluation of the Science and Technology program located at Eleanor Roosevelt, Charles Flowers, and Oxon Hill High Schools. The program goal is to prepare the PGCPS high school students for college admission, through offering pre-college academic experiences based on advanced placement curricula, challenging academic coursework in science, mathematics, and technology; through internship and research opportunities; scholarship support, and participation in local, regional, and international science competitions and symposia. The program strives to give the students the education necessary to open as many doors as possible when they graduate and support them through the years that follow. The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the extent to which the program provides the students with high aptitude in Science and Mathematics with education that will meet their academic needs as well as to examine the consistency of program implementation at the three program centers. A utilization focused approach to evaluation (Patton, 1997) was used with a focus on the intended use of the evaluation findings. The Science and Technology (ST) program implementation data were gathered through multiple sources including a comprehensive ST teacher survey, program staff interviews, senior student interviews, classroom observations, document analysis, and the analysis of the SAT data. All Science and Technology program teachers were surveyed. Forty-one classrooms were randomly observed. Twenty-four seniors were interviewed at all program locations. Overall, the evaluation provided the evidence that the Science and Technology program prepared high school students, and among them large numbers of African American and Hispanic males and females for increased opportunities in college admission. The program created increased opportunities for the students to pursue careers in the areas of science, mathematics, and engineering. According to program participants, the Science and Technology program offered a supportive learning community that provided students with a challenging curriculum, faculty support, and program resources that help enhance students’ futures.

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