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Research and Evaluation

  An Evaluation of the Talented and Gifted Program in the Prince George’s County Public Schools



The Talented and Gifted (TAG) program was evaluated by the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Department of Research and Evaluation in the school year 2004-05. The TAG evaluation was designed to provide information on implementation of the current program to help district staff providing services to gifted children improve delivery of the TAG services and TAG programming efforts. The study examines four major components of the TAG program: identification procedures, program curricula, instruction, and professional development. Program implementation barriers were also identified. This evaluation used a mixed-method approach. Multiple sources were used to collect the data: teacher and parent surveys, TAG program staff interviews, classroom observations, and focus groups. The study found that identification procedures and the existing TAG curricula met most of the exemplary and all of the minimum National Gifted Program Standards. As part of their classroom instruction, teachers of TAG students used strategies and approaches recommended for teaching TAG students, including higher level questioning, emphasis on development of critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills. Quality of TAG instruction and curricula implementation was not consistent throughout the school district and ranged from exemplary to barely existent. Professional development in gifted education was offered consistently, but focused primarily on training TAG coordinators and pull-out teachers, while teachers of TAG students providing TRC instruction were not sufficiently trained. Parents’ opinions of the TAG implementation at their children’s school reflected lack of awareness of the services provided (31.2% of parents were uninformed about the program). Half of parents of elementary school students and two-thirds of middle school parents believed TAG services at their child’s school were implemented effectively. Recommendations for improving the four components of the TAG program are discussed.

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