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Research and Evaluation
Survey of Employee Satisfaction, 2007 


Commitment to the employees of PGCPS has led to a district-wide Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Department of Research and Evaluation (DRE) during the 2006–2007 school year. The purpose of this survey was to determine how employees feel about various aspects of their working conditions. The DRE developed, administered, validated, and analyzed three employee satisfaction surveys for school-based instructional staff, school-based administrators, and support staff (combined school-based support staff and all central office staff). All PGCPS full-time and part-time employees were invited (a total of 18,905 invitations) to participate in the survey. The DRE received 7,982 valid responses, for a response rate of 42.2%. A structured methodological approach included qualitative and quantitative methods to define the dimensions of satisfaction, develop survey items, administer the survey, and assess the reliability and validity to refine the three survey instruments. We performed multiple regression analyses to determine which dimensions of satisfaction contributed significantly in predicting overall satisfaction. We then investigated the relative importance of each dimension among those that were statistically significant. Finally, we analyzed the survey responses to determine whether the various stakeholders were satisfied with their jobs overall and which dimensions were most and least satisfying. For all stakeholder groups, the leadership characteristics, collegial relationships, and workload dimensions contributed significantly to overall satisfaction.  The leadership characteristics (for all stakeholders), collegial relationships among coworkers (for school-based administrators and the support staff), and workload (for school-based instructional staff and school-based administrators) were the most important dimensions that predicted overall satisfaction. Overall, PGCPS employees indicated high levels of satisfaction with their jobs. School-based administrators and school-based support staff reported the highest levels of satisfaction, with 87% of respondents indicating they are satisfied with their jobs. Nearly 80% of central office staff and about three-fourths of instructional staff indicated they are satisfied. More than 75% of all the stakeholder groups were satisfied with the following dimensions of satisfaction: leadership characteristics, job autonomy, collegial relationships, parent/community relationships, and professional development and growth. Employees were least satisfied with compensation, student attitudes and behavior, workload, and the physical condition of the workplace.


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