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Research and Evaluation
The Prevalence, Development, & Implementation of Resident Teacher Programs in Prince George’s County Public Schools 



Over the last nine years, Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) has utilized various Resident Teacher Certificate (RTC) teacher education models to provide certified and highly qualified teachers for the district. Using a case study design, this research sought to understand the development of four PGCPS resident teacher programs, as well as the district level factors at play in the prevalence, development, and implementation of programs. Data collection included document analysis, interviews, focus groups with a state level official, district level officials, RTC program managers and mentors, and a sampling of current RTC teachers.  According to a Human Resources report on RTC teacher retention, as of the 2006-2007 school year, 74% of the total number of RTC teachers trained in PGCPS have remained in the district.  Looking across programs, program operation and coordination varied greatly depending on the type of entity operating the program. All four programs had summer training, but they varied in their intensity and structure. The programs also varied greatly in the depth to which they introduced issues of diversity, subject matter, and pedagogical content knowledge training. Study participants spoke very favorably of the RTC opportunities that allow qualified individuals who would otherwise not become teachers to have an opportunity to do so. The data suggests that the district is making a concerted effort to stop utilizing conditional teachers and increasing the number of resident teachers to increase their highly qualified teacher numbers. In the development of programs, the district organization of RTC programs is disjointed and segregated. Several offices and departments have been involved in the creation and implementation of RTC programs without necessarily communicating with one another or considering past experiences with providers. Because of differences in program delivery and curriculum, it was difficult to unilaterally state which program is the best economic investment for the district. Overall, the results indicate that RTC programs are valuable resource for PGCPS, but improvements can be made.

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