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 Ninth-Grade Performance-SY2007-2008



This report provides the school system leadership and the general public with a description of the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Class of 2011 and how well they fared academically and behaviorally during SY2007-2008. Before beginning high school, about one-half of ninth graders were proficient in reading and about 35% were proficient in mathematics as measured by the Maryland School Assessment for eighth graders. By the end of SY2007-2008, nearly 75% of ninth graders fulfilled the requirements for promotion to tenth grade. During the past school year, ninth graders had an average quality point average of 1.90, which is slightly below a C. About 47% of students received at least one failing grade. Approximately 80% of ninth graders fulfilled their English 9 requirement for promotion to tenth grade, and 45% fulfilled the Algebra 1 requirement for graduation. Of the 11,904 students who were enrolled in the school system for 91 or more days during SY2007-2008, 1,535, or approximately 13%, were habitual truants, with unexcused absences for 20% or more of the days they were enrolled in school. On average, PGCPS’ ninth graders were absent from class, unexcused, for nearly 18 days—almost 4 weeks—during the 2007-2008 school year. As the number of days absent increased, the likelihood that a student would successfully complete ninth grade and advance to tenth grade declined. While most PGCPS ninth graders were never suspended from school during SY2007-2008, approximately 25% of all ninth graders were suspended at least once. Students who were suspended during SY2007-2008 missed an average of eight days of instruction in addition to their days of unexcused absence. As the number of days missed due to suspension increased, the chance of meeting the requirements for promotion declined. The dynamics detailed in this report pose significant challenges for the district in achieving its strategic objective of having all students graduate from high school prepared to do college work or to pursue a rewarding career.


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