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 SY2009 School Climate District-Wide Report

 The PGCPS Department of Research and Evaluation (DRE) conducted a survey to determine how students, parents, and teachers feel about their school’s overall climate and effectiveness. The instrument used in this study was Survey of School Effectiveness published by Pearson, Inc. The survey measured the following: Effective Instructional Leadership; Clear & Focused Mission; Safe & Orderly Environment; Positive School Climate; High Expectations; Frequent Assessment/Monitoring of Student Achievement; Emphasis on Basic Skills; Maximum Opportunities for Learning; Parent/Community Involvement; Strong Professional Development; and Teacher Involvement in Decision-Making. The three stakeholder groups asked to participate in the survey were students, parents, and teachers. Students were purposefully sampled by grade to include elementary school students in fifth or sixth grade, middle school students in eighth grade, combination school students in sixth and eighth grades, and high school students in tenth and eleventh grades. Parents of children in the aforementioned grades were sampled along with parents with children in first and third grades and all parents who have children attending special centers and early childhood centers. All classroom teachers and paraprofessional educators were invited to participate as well. The survey data reveal that stakeholders have generally positive perceptions about their schools. Overall, stakeholders’ opinions improved slightly compared to SY2007. The characteristic that was cited quite often by all stakeholders as being present in their schools was High Expectations. Smaller percentages expressed positive outcomes about Parent/Community Involvement and Maximum Opportunities for Learning. Among students at all school types, Positive School Climate was rated less positively compared to other characteristics. Parents at all levels cited Safe and Orderly Environment most often as a characteristic present in the schools their children attend.  Among teachers, Frequent Assessment/Monitoring of Student Achievement was rated the most positively, while Teacher Involvement in Decision-Making was the lowest rated. Recommendations for engaging stakeholders more to work toward improving their schools are discussed.


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    Did You Know?

    Approximately 85% of the respondents to the 2017  School Climate Survey perceive their schools as having a climate that is conducive to effective instruction and learning.




    More than 33,600 students, 9,000 parents, and 5,700 teachers participated in the 2017 School Climate Survey.