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Research and Evaluation
Formative Evaluation of the Creative & Performing Arts Program @ Hyattsville MS


The purpose of this formative evaluation is to determine how stakeholders perceive different aspects of the Creative and Performing Arts Program (CPA) program at Hyattsville Middle School  (HMS), and how or if the CPA program enhanced other aspects of HMS community. The basis of the evaluation is a survey developed by the PGCPS Department of Research and Evaluation (DRE).  Separate instruments were created for students, parents, and teachers.  Each of the forms was designed to capture stakeholders’ perceptions of the program, their experiences with the application and audition process, their perceptions about the students who participate in the program, about arts education in general and its place at HMS, as well as their overall perception of HMS.  Overall, the data indicate that all stakeholders are happy with the CPA program, and even students who are not familiar with program benefit in the form of access to high quality arts classes.  Students who participate in the program and their parents indicate that it is a positive and valuable experience and that CPA meets their needs and expectations for an arts-focused educational program. Even parents whose children do not participate in CPA indicated that their perceptions of HMS, its treatment of students and arts education in general are overwhelmingly positive.  The main differences among student stakeholders directly involved with CPA and others is that those who are not involved feel, to some extent, that CPA participants have a special status in the school. As a group, teachers appear to be quite supportive of the program in that they are largely in agreement about the value of arts education, and that the program reflects positively on HMS.  Overall, the formative portion of the CPA evaluation shows that stakeholders are pleased with the program.  Based on these findings, there is nothing that would lead one to believe that the program needs to be changed significantly. 

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