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Research and Evaluation
 Graduate Survey Report, Class of 2010

The purpose of this study was to determine what PGCPS graduates plan to do with their lives after graduating from high school. The findings being presented in this report were gathered from the Graduate Survey completed by the Class of 2010. According to the survey results, 80.21% of students were planning to attend college. About 57% planned to attend a four-year college/university, while 23.11% planned to attend a two-year college. Following plans to pursue higher education, students most commonly planned to complete an apprenticeship/job training experience (6.86%), enlist in military (4.63%), or pursue full-time employment (4.23%). Of those planning to attend a four-year college/university, about 93% had applied to at least one institution, 22.35% had applied to more than five, and 64.54% had been accepted to at least one institution. Of those students planning to attend a two-year college, 73.56% had applied to at least one two-year institution, 65.90% applied to only one or two institutions, and less than half (46.79%) had already been accepted to at least one two-year college. More than two-thirds (68.49%) of all students completed and submitted the FAFSA; however respondents with a Quality Point Average (QPA) of 3.01 or higher were more than twice as likely to have completed and filed a FAFSA. Respondents with a QPA of 1.00 or less were seven times as likely not to know what FAFSA is. Only 30.03% of those students who planned to enlist in the military had already enlisted, just over half who planned to enter an apprenticeship program knew the name and location of the program, and only about 25% who planned to pursue full-time employment had secured full-time employment. Females were more likely than males to plan to attend a four-year institution. Hispanic students were less likely than peers to choose a four-year college and more likely to plan to pursue apprenticeships/job training or pursue full-time employment.  Finally, FARMS, SPED and LEP students were less likely than their counterparts to plan to pursue education at a four-year college. The report concludes with recommendations for increasing the college and career readiness of PGCPS students. 

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