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Research and Evaluation
SY2011 Graduate Survey Report
Volume II: Class of 2011 Immediate Post-Graduation Plans
 Kola K. Sunmonu, Ph.D. ~ Carole Portas Keane, Ph.D.
Prince George's County Public Schools
 Saeed Salehi, Ph.D.
Research, Assessment and Measurement, Inc. (R.A.M)



This report, SY2011 Graduate Survey Report, Volume II: Class of 2011 Immediate Post-Graduation Plans, constitutes the second installment of the findings from the SY2011 Graduate Survey.  The report focuses on the immediate post-graduation plans of PGCPS’ Class of 2011.  Nearly 4 out of 5 graduating seniors who participated in the survey plan to attend either a four- or two-year institution of higher education.  Fifty-five percent plan to attend a four-year college or university and 24 percent plan to attend a two-year college.  Nearly 6 percent plan to enter the full-time work force, 5 percent plan to serve in the military, and 6 percent plan to enter an apprenticeship, vocational school, or career training program.  There were substantial differences between socio-demographic subgroups with respect to their post-graduation plans. The proportion of males and subgroups facing socio-economic challenges planning to attend college is noticeably lower with the lowest being among Hispanic males (1 in 3).  The individual that most influence post-graduation plan is the parent.  Among respondents planning to attend four-year colleges and universities, about 9 in 10 have taken an affirmation action (applied to a college, have been admitted, or have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) toward fulfilling their goals.   About half of respondents who plan to attend a two-year college reported that they do not feel academically prepared for four year college or were not admitted in their college of choice. Based on the findings from the SY2011 survey, it is recommended that the district: (a) target males, Hispanic students, and FARMS participants for college preparatory and planning initiatives; (b) increase parental involvement; and (c) increase support for students who are not going to college. 

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