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Trends in Kindergarten Readiness

This study will examine the trends in kindergarten readiness among PGCPS students entering kindergarten for the first time in the fall of SY2015, SY2016, and if available, SY2017.  The data will be disaggregated by socio-demographic factors.  Furthermore we will examine the impact, if any, students’ pre-kindergarten experiences and their readiness for kindergarten.

Project status:  Currently underway, scheduled for completion in December 2016.

For more information, please contact Dr. Carole Keane at or Dr. Berhane B. Araia at



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    Most PGCPS graduates plan to attend college immediately after graduation; 75% of the Class of 2016 plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution (4-year college-49%, 2-year college-26%).


    More than 33,600 students, 9,000 parents, and 5,700 teachers participated in the 2017 School Climate Survey.

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