Single Stream Recycling Bins and Recycling Dumpsters

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Acceptable items in PGCPS recycling bins and dumpsters:


  • Office paper (place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag), colored paper
  • Envelopes, files, folders, notebooks and notebook paper
  • Paper bags, newspapers (including inserts)
  • Posters, magazines, catalogs, junk mail 
  • Wrapping paper


  • Cardboard boxes (flattened)
  • Cracker and cereal type boxes (flattened)
  • Empty milk/juice cartons and juice boxes (remove straw)


  • Empty plastic bottles and caps, plastic drink cups
  • Empty plastic cereal bowls (remove paper top)
  • Empty plastic fruit and salad cups and lids (not clamshell containers with hinged lid)
  • Empty plastic narrow-neck and wide-mouth containers, including caps and lids 


  • Empty metal food and beverage containers and lids
  • Clean aluminum foil, aluminum pie pans
  • Empty metal cans (for soup, vegetable, fruit, etc.)


  • Empty food and beverage containers of any color

Unacceptable Items

These items CANNOT be placed in PGCPS recycling containers:  

  • NO Food
  • NO Food soiled paper trays or paper plates 
  • NO Tissues or napkins 
  • NO Plastic utensils, straws, condiment packets
  • NO Plastic bags or film—no black plastic bags, snack/sandwich bags, bubble wrap, grocery bags (Find a plastic grocery bag collection site here.)
  • NO Snack packaging—chip bags, granola/energy bar wrappers, candy wrappers, dessert wrappers, etc. (Visit TerraCycle for recycling options.)
  • NO Drink or food pouches (Visit TerraCycle for recycling options.)
  • NO Polystyrene or Styrofoam 
  • NO Paper cups (coffee, soda, etc.)
  • NO Hazardous materials, broken glass, light bulbs, batteries
  • NO Branches or yard materials

Need more information? Don't see an item? View a more detailed list.

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