Special Programs

Special Programs


Drama 1 is the introductory course in a three-course series designed to introduce and develop skills and experiences useful to students having an interest in and/or an aptitude for drama.

Drama 2 is the second course in a three-course series during which the students will experience techniques of oral interpretation, the nature of technical theater, and study theatre history to Elizabethan times.

Drama 3 is the last course in a three-course series designed to provide students with both literary features of drama and hands-on experiences with practices that help drama come alive on the stage.


Speech 1: This introductory high school course is designed to give students opportunities to gain poise, develop personal interests, and share responsibilities for group projects. Students will have opportunities to acquire listening skills, to learn fundamentals of oral presentation, to increase their vocabularies through word study and oral presentations, to increase their vocabularies through word study as it relates to speech, to prepare and present various types of speeches, to participate in group discussions, to experience platform reading and speaking, to receive an introduction to debate, to meet some of the challenges of performing through the mass media, and to develop interpersonal communication skills and poise.

Speech 2: This second-year advanced course is designed to further develop the skills introduced in Speech 1 by providing additional and enriched experiences. Students will have opportunities to speak to a variety of audiences, enter competitive speaking situations, move extensively into debating, present a readers' theatre production, listen to and critique a variety of speeches from outside resources, and present a formal manuscript speech.


Journalism 1: This introductory course will provide students with both knowledge about the development of journalism as a communication instrument and practical experiences in journalistic techniques. Appropriate time may also be devoted to various school publications.

Journalism 2 Newspaper: This course provides students with functional activities involved in newspaper production. Reporting, newsgathering, advertising, and photography will be among the topics explored.

Journalism 2 Literary Magazine: Students in this course will practice those techniques necessary to publishing a literary magazine. The class will be responsible for devising a thematic concept for each issue; soliciting, generating, and editing copy; developing a suitable publication format; meeting funding needs; and distribution.

Yearbook 2: Problems and procedures necessary to the development, printing, and distribution of a yearbook form the basis of this course. Students will also devise a theme for the yearbook and undertake necessary funding activities to insure its solvency.



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