Prince George's County Public Schools
Targeted Assistance


Targeted assistance programs operate in schools that do not qualify as schoolwide programs or elect not to operate a schoolwide program.  Unlike schoolwide programs, Targeted Assistance Schools must focus funds on eligible children who are failing or who are most at risk of failing to meet state standards. The term "targeted assistance" indicates that educational services are provided to an identified group of children rather than for overall school improvement, as in schoolwide programs. Therefore, Targeted Assistance Schools may not use Title I funds to provide services to all children in particular grades.  

Using the needs assessment, schools may select reading and/or math as the targeted subject area(s), the grade levels to be serviced, and the intervention strategies provided to the identified students.  The target population for program services must be identified through the use of multiple, educationally related, objective criteria. The targeted assistance school program should be designed to provide additional academic support to the identified students during the school day or through  extended day/year programs. Eligible students should participate in the full academic program of their school, while at the same time receiving the extra support provided by the program. The program evaluation will be based on the achievement of the participating students.