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College Career Research & Development (CCRD)


Students in grades 11 and 12 apply course content to practical work experience and develop  academic, technical and workplace skills.

The program provides instruction on Maryland’s career development model that includes career awareness and exploration; development of career portfolio to proficiencies in workplace readiness, personal financial management, personal growth and development, and employment experiences. All graduating seniors must submit a senior project that will provide evidence of student achievement and showcase skills for success as well as academic and technical skills.

 Career Portfolio: 

The career portfolio is an organization and visual documentation of the student’s school and non-school accomplishments.

The career portfolio will help students:

  • Organize their thinking and plan for the future.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Identify skills and competencies required for their career goals.
  • Develop self-esteem from assembling and displaying their work and talent.
  • Document proficiency in workplace readiness skills.
Senior Project: 

The senior project is a culminating assessment for work-based learning students and is career driven. Career exploration is a topic of interest to students as they prepare themselves to be productive, proficient citizens and to be prepared to meet the challenges of an economically competitive, technologically, advanced and culturally diverse 21st century society.

Students will be able to: 
  • Complete a senior project with the 4Ps: paper, project, portfolio, and presentation. 
  • Apply standard rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, sentence formation, paragraphing, and spelling. 
  • Use technology to locate, retrieve, organize, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information for problem solving and decision making. 
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation and brochure about the career researched. 
  • Utilize digital technology to import pictures. 
  • Orally present information to class/committee as a collaborative learning experience. 

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Career Opportunities in the following fields: 

  • Human Resource Services
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Office Managment
  • Retail
  • Banking

Contact Information: 

Nancy Magloire, Supervisor
College & Career Readiness and Innovative Programs 
2215 Chadwick Street
Temple Hills, MD 20748    
Phone:  (301) 669-6012  
Fax:  (301) 669-6090  
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