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    PLES Uniform Policy  

June 10 Friday 4th Quarter Report Cards for Seniors Released
June 17 Friday 2-Hr. Early Dismissal for Students (Subject to change due to inclement weather: may become a full day for students if the last day changes; the 2-hour early dismissal will occur the day before the last day for students)
June 20 Monday Last Day for Students – 2-Hr. Early Dismissal for Students – End of Fourth Quarter (49 days)(Subject to change due to inclement weather; the 2-hour early dismissal will occur on the last day for students)***
June 21 Tuesday Last Day for Teachers (Subject to change due to inclement weather)*** 

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   Potomac Landing Elementary School's educational philosophy 
is based on the premise that all students can learn, master and apply basic skills. To that end, Potomac Landing Elementary School exists to help lay a sound educational foundation for every elementary student. This requires not only the imparting of knowledge but the development of a sense of personal responsibility and determination. The instructional program at P.L.E.S. emphasizes attention to individual learning styles, creative teaching strategies and active learning techniques. Furthermore, we believe communication and the ability to reason are necessary tools for success in today's world. It is our intent to provide our students with these skills.



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