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    What is AVID?

AVID is an educational program for middle and high school students that supports them in achieving their college goals     through an academic elective course that teaches specific skills and reinforces the academic core. As part of the AVID program, students must also enroll in challenging or honors courses offered at their school.

Who are AVID Students?

AVID students are middle and high school students who currently earn Bs, Cs, and possibly even Ds. These students are interested in going to college and need additional support to realize this dream. AVID students are generally members of under-represented ethnic groups at the nation’s colleges and universities, the first in their families to attend college, or face financial or other hardships that may interfere with attending college.

Who teaches the AVID course?

AVID teachers are PGCPS teachers who participate in professional development to be AVID trained. AVID teachers have the ability to monitor student achievement, work with faculty campus-wide, and motivate students to succeed. The AVID elective teacher must be able to form strong relationships with students and parents. AVID content area teachers are members of the school community who have been trained in AVID methodologies which they use to support both AVID and non-AVID students in pursuing rigorous academic learning.

Does AVID have a program for elementary schools?

AVID has a program called AVID Path that shares some of the core components of the AVID elective with upper grade elementary students. Path curriculum is used across an entire grade level, and focuses on success skills, including communication, self-advocacy, and study habits as well as building student organizational skills. The curriculum reinforces critical reasoning, and the foundations of reading and writing strategies, at developmentally appropriate levels. The AVID program is not available for full implementation in elementary schools until a school system is certified for five prior years.

What is the AVID Curriculum?

The AVID elective course supports students in attaining the necessary skills to be competitive applicants to college. The course emphasizes the need to develop organizational, critical reasoning, communication, and problem solving skills. A cornerstone of the AVID program is WICR. WICR is an acronym to represent the critical skills of writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading. Activities used during these lessons push students to develop their skills by providing additional practice with rigorous materials beyond what these students get in their core curriculum courses. A major component is specific and explicit instruction to assist students in developing college and career awareness and supporting their application and acceptance to four-year colleges.

How does AVID intersect with other initiatives?

In practice, AVID is the epitome of an effort-based learning structure. AVID believes that effort creates intelligence, that through specific instruction in core content and rigorous thinking, students can become capable of extraordinary achievement. These are identical beliefs to those shared by PGCPS and The Institute for Learning. AVID provides students with clear expectations regarding college preparation and admission. It provides students structured settings where their learning is reinforced through socialization. AVID regularly recognizes authentic student achievement. AVID courses complement and fulfill the promise of the Principles of Learning.

How does AVID assist in school-wide improvement?

While AVID begins with a small group of students receiving specific instruction, the program has a strong research base to show that it can be a catalyst for school-wide improvement. The strategies that help AVID students to become more successful are appropriate for all students, and the sharing of these strategies builds coherence and excellence across the campus. The AVID program, through the close relationship between teacher and students, reveals aspects of campus policy that interfere or prevent students from being successful who may otherwise be left unexamined. AVID students increase the demand for, and success in, advanced courses, increasing the rigor of the entire campus. Finally, with AVID, the culture of the school shifts to support a standard whereby college admission is a goal for all students.

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