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    Why we need your vote!

    Phyllis E . Williams Spanish Immersion Elementary needs your vote to win $15,000 to build our Living Bilingual Library. We are excited about adding more technology and bilingual reading material to our library and turn- ing the library’s patio into a “Think Park”. The Think Park and renovated library will sup- port our students interest in gardening, reading and using their imagination in a space enjoyed by humans and nature. With your vote the students will enjoy learning even more in their new Living Bilingual Library.

    Voting begins at midnight Monday March 6 and continues through 5 pm Friday March 17. Click the link to cast your vote for
    Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion 

    Vote ONCE per day and use ONLY ONE email address to vote from; so literally once per person in a 24 hour period.

    Anyone can vote who is over the age of 13.

    Everyday you vote, the closer Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion gets to receiving the $15,000 grand prize. Vote now http://wtop.com/contests/2017-click-for-kids-voting/

    Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion, is a elementary school in the Prince George’s County Public School district. We are a community of Champions. http://www1.pgcps.org/phyllisewilliams/

    Vote for Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion Elementary! 

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