Payroll and Benefits Administrative Procedures

The following are links to specific Payroll and Benefits Administrative Procedures.


Administrative Procedures

4107 Use of Employee "Second Assignments" See Attachment 
4108 Use of Temporary and Substitute Employees See Attachment 
4132 Timekeeping and Leave Reporting
4146.1 Workmen's Compensation and Disability Leave
4148 Compensatory Time-Off and Overtime Pay for Non-Exempt Employees
4148.1 Positions Exempt From Overtime Under Fair Labor Standards Act See Attachment 
4151.1 Use of Sick Leave in Excess of Ten Consecutive Duty Days
4151.2 Use of Advanced Sick Leave by Ten Month Personnel at Beginning of School Year
4153 Absence Without Authorized Leave
4154 Assault Leave
4155 Military Leave
4181 Emergency Payroll Distribution Plan
4183 Procedure for Pick-Up Checks from the Cash Management Office



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