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    Glenda Dr. Washington, Principal

    Welcome to Patuxent Elementary. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. This is one way we try to stay connected with you. Patuxent seeks to address the whole child by fostering a love for learning and helping to develop lasting life skills. Our aim is to maintain balance by ensuring we are models for our students. We encourage you our parent partners to become models alongside us.

    As Patuxent staff report to work prepared to teach daily, we ask that your child reports to school on time and prepared to learn daily. Investment in your child’s future will yield great dividends when s/he becomes a productive adult. Through years of practice your child will learn to value education, develop good work ethics and truly become a life long learner.

    Thank you for your cooperation and the opportunity to serve you and your children.

    Glenda Washington, Ed.D., Principal 


     Helen Coley, Ed.D - Area II Associate Superintendent  

      Susan Holiday - Cluster 10 Instructional Director

    Dr.  Glenda  Washington Principal g.washington@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Charmaine  Banks Instructional Lead Teacher charmaine.banks@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Cynthia  Crocheron Special Education Chair cynthia.crocheron@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Abike Anoka Professional School Counselor abike.anoka@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Victoria  Wells Principal's Administrative Assist victoria.wells@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Cynthia Norris Nurse cynthia.norris@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Tracy Smith Registrar tracy.smith@pgcps.org
    Mr.  Felix Boateng Building Supervisor/Custodian felix.boateng@pgcps.org
    Ms. Elizabeth Lawrence Pre-Kindergarten Teacher elizabeth.lawrence@pgcps.org
    Ms. Letrix Artiz Pre-Kindergarten Para letrix.artiz@pgcps.org
    Ms. Hope Dag-Um Kindergarten Teacher hope.dagum@pgcps.org
    Ms. Carol-Ann Dwonzyk Kindergarten Teacher carol.dwonzyk@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Addie  McNeil First Grade Teacher addie.mcneil@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Nykia  Tucker First Grade Teacher nykia.tucker@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Jacquelyn  Copeland Second Grade Teacher jacquelyn.copeland@pgcps.org
    Ms. Shelree  Crenshaw Second Grade Teacher shelre.crenshaw@pgcps.org
    Ms. Latasha  Coleman Third Grade Teacher latasha.coleman@pgcps.org
    Ms. Mia  Tipton Third Grade Teacher mia.tipton@pgcps.org
    Ms. Kamisha  Battle Fourth Grade Teacher kamisha.battle@pgcps.org
    Mr.  Andre  Collins Fourth Grade Teacher andre.collins@pgcps.org
    Mr.  Kevin  Lendo Fifth Grade Teacher kevin.lendo@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Niclica  Balton Fifth Grade Teacher niclica.balton@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Cristina  Areu Spanish Teacher cristina.areu@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Sonia  Sahuquillo Spanish Teacher sonia.sahuquillo@pgcps.org
    Mr.  James  Jackson Physical Education Teacher james.jackson@pgcps.org
    Ms. Amber Simmerer Instrumental Music Teacher amber.simmerer@pgcps.org
    Ms.  Janice Butler Night Custodian - Supervisor janice.butler@pgcps.org
    Mr.  Antoine Hughes Night Custodian antoine.hughes@pgcps.org
          Library Media Specialist  
          Vocal Music Teacher  
          Alphabest Before/After