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  • Welcome to the 2014- 2015 School Year 

    Dear Parkdale High School Students and Parent(s) and Guardian(s):

    Welcome to a new and exciting school year! I hope your summer was filled with opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow.  This school year will bring on new opportunities as well as challenges.  Nevertheless, we will focus on being a Great School, located in a Great Community, servicing Great Families. Our focus has helped us shape our new school mantra – Greatness, Nothing Less! 

    The staff is thrilled that you have entrusted us with your children’s education. We will make every effort to create an environment which is engaging, supportive, and collaborative.  Our goal is to help your child achieve academically as well as socially.  Of course, we need and welcome your support and cooperation. You play a key role in the academic success of our students; therefore, school/parent communication is crucial.

    We are dedicated to fostering a safe, orderly, and nurturing environment with high expectations for all students. We are committed to doing our part in ensuring your child achieves academic excellence; and we look forward to working with you to guarantee that our goal is achieved.

    As the leader of Parkdale High School, I strongly believe that every child can learn and achieve the highest level of academic success with the proper preparation and support. To ensure a successful school year please:

    • Make sure your child is in school on time everyday. Breakfast is offered to all students from 7:15 AM-7:44   A.M.  Instruction begins promptly at 7:45 AM. 
    • Allot time for daily studying and review.  In addition, your child must read daily to improve overall literacy.
    • Return all requested forms and documents to school in a timely manner.

    Ensure your child has the school uniform.  We are a mandatory uniform school.  
SCHOOL UNIFORMS ARE TO BE WORN EVERY DAY BEGINNING WITH THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  All sweaters and jackets must comply with the uniform expectation.  No multicolored sweaters and jackets.  

    We will continue to offer classroom and school-based intervention strategies and support services for all students who need them.  Our instructional program will be far more effective with your active participation. Your presence is not only welcomed, but it is greatly needed! 
Below you will find key information about the start of the school year.   My staff and I look forward to working with each and every one of you.  Together, We Will Achieve Greatness – Nothing Less!


    Tanya L. Washington, Principal



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    November 14 - First Quarter Report Cards Released

    November 17 - 21 American Education Week

    November 20 - Parent CONNECT Day


    November 21 - Parents CONNECT with Elected Officials 9 AM.

    November 26 - 28 Thanksgiving Holidays (Schools and offices closed)

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    Vision Statement

    Parkdale High School, a diverse community of learners, provides well developed programs and learning experiences to increase the academic achievement and personal and social development which integrates the arts, technology, communication, and the core academic areas.

    Parkdale High School fosters a safe, orderly and productive learning environment that stimulates and supports students that communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems and are technologically adaptive to a constantly changing world.

    Parkdale High School, in partnership with the community, parents, and other stakeholders, through curricular and extra-curricular activities consistent with the Core Standards of Excellence ensures that students become responsible and accountable individuals committed to serving the wider community with honesty and integrity.

    The Productive and Honorable Students of Parkdale High will be graduated in four years, college and career ready, and possess the skills necessary to make them life-long learners and valuable contributors in our technological and global society.