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    Appropriate Clothing for P.E.

         Physical Education requires all students to become engaged in physical activity.  Certain clothing is required in order for a student to be able to participate in vigorous physical activity.  This page should clearly outline what is appropriate and what is not.

    Boys and Girls:

         All students should have proper shoes to run in.  Appropriate shoes include running shoes, basketball shoes, flat sole soccer shoes, or any other athletic shoe that covers the foot and does not have cleats.  Dress shoes, sandals, boots, shoes with cleats, or open spaces in shoes are NOT appropriate for vigorous physical activity.  These types of shoes during physical activity are actually quite hazardous to your child's well being. 


         Earrings are a big safety issue when playing games.  They are easily caught on clothing and could seriously injure your child.  Please advise your children to not wear earrings on P.E. days or to simply take them off and put them in a desk or pocket when they do go to P.E. 

         While a skirt may be a comfortable or stylish choice, it does not allow for physical activity.  However, your child can still have a stylish look and be able to participate in physical activity if they simply put on shorts under their skirt. 

    Please know that students will be asked to sit out and will receive a grade of "0" for participation that day should they violate any of these clothing rules.  These rules are meant for safety and decency.  Please strictly adhere to these rules in order for your child to get the most out of his or her P.E. class.


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