• Guidance Counseling

     Paint Branch Elementary
    Counseling Department

    PBES Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Melissa Cunningham

    Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm or by appointment 

     Phone: 301-513-5300 ext. 227                    Fax: 301-513-5303

    The mission of the Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive developmental program where we provide the best learning environment possible for each student.  The counselor is the advocate for each student and will provide assistance to maximize student’s personal / social potential and academic achievements.  The Guidance program is developed primarily through direct contact with the students by the counselor. The counselor’s role is to consult with students, parents, teachers, administrators and pupil services personnel on the behalf of each student. 


    Available Services in the Counseling Office


    • Individual Counseling – assist students with exploring strength, weakness, interest, academic, social or personal concerns.  This is short term and is not therapeutic.


    • Group Counseling – assist students in a group setting to discuss shared issues and concerns.


    • Peer Mediation – supervise student leaders as they mediate peer related issues and concerns.


    • Community Referrals- referring students to outside agencies to assist with academic, social or personal concern.  This is therapeutic and long term.


    • School (In-house) Referrals – conduct observations, meet and discuss with staff and administration to develop accommodation needed to assist student with behavioral, social, academic, or personal concerns.


    • PLP Development - develop with each student a Personal Learning Plan to help them explore academic, personal and career goals.


    •  Career Exploration – encourage each student to beginning thinking about college and the world of work.  Host an annual Career Day to expose student to a variety of different jobs.  Assist the students with finding their career of interest.


    • Character Education- teaching students the importance of Respect, Fairness, Good Citizenship, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, and Caring.


    • Advocacy – assisting in protecting student rights


    • Parent Meetings – Coordinate meeting with parents and staff to address concerns


    • Resources Support- Provide a wealth of information and resources on various support agencies.




    Service Learning Hours


    Students must earn 36 Service Learning Hours before graduating High School.  They may begin earning these required hours in the 7th Grade.  Click onto www.volunteermatch.org for volunteering opportunities.



    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What information do I need to enroll my child at Paint Branch Elementary School?

    If you are coming from another County School / Country, you will need your withdrawal paperwork from the previous school and proof of residence, such as your lease, deed or settlement papers.  You must also provide the school with an update immunization record for your child.  If your child received accommodation or special services from their previous school, please make sure that information is updated/current and included in the withdrawal packet.


    1. How old must I be to get a work permit, and where do I get one?

    You must be 14 years old to get a work permit.  One may be obtained form the Guidance office once you have been selected for employment. 


    1. Where can I do my service learning hours?

    Service learning hours may be completed in any non-profit agency on the approved county list.  Exceptions to the non-profit rule are licensed daycare facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.  Approved sites can be found by going to http://www.princegeorgesvolunteer.org/.


    1. How do I verify that I’ve done Service learning hours?


    You can get your Service Learning verification form from the Counselor.  Have your supervisor and parent sign the form and return it to the guidance counselor.



    1. How do I update my home information?

    To update any information, come to the school office and speak to the registrar.  You must fill out a new blue registration form and provide with a copy of the information changed i.e. provide us with a copy of an updated lease, deed, court order etc.

    1. How can I schedule a conference with my child’s teacher?


    Parents and Guardian can call the school 301-513-5300 and request to leave a message for their child’s teacher or counselor for a conference. 



    1. How do I request makeup work when my child has been absent from school?


    Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher and notify them ahead of time when the student will be absent.  If the child will be out of school for an extended time (3 or more days) you must request make up work immediately.  The parent is expected to pickup the make up work from school.  Parents must bring appropriate notification when the child returns to school.


    1. How can I see how my child is doing in class?

    Each parent will be given an account to School Max.  School Max is a parent portal that allows parents to view your child’s grades in the teachers’ grade book, as well as attendance and discipline data.