• General Information


    Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Summer Programs offer students opportunities for acceleration, enrichment, credit recovery, or original credit. This 2018 Summer Programs Guide should be used to review the available options and learn how to apply. Program availability will depend on enrollment. Space is limited – apply early!

    This 2018 Summer Programs Guide is available at www1.pgcps.org/summerschool/. Information in this publication may change after printing and posting. For more details, please consult with your school counselor or contact the Summer Programs Office by phone at 301-808-1124.


    For credit recovery, students must obtain a registration form from the counselor at the base school. For some enrichment programs, the registration form will be available to download at www1.pgcps.org/summerschool/. Dates, times, and registration are listed in this guide under the individual summer program. Additional records may be required depending on the program.


    Program location addresses are available at http://www1.pgcps.org/schools/.

    Tuition Waivers

    Tuition waiver forms are available for credit recovery programs only. Tuition may be waived by 25 percent or less of the full price of one course per student for students who are enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program only. Completed waiver forms, signed by the base school principal must be submitted at the time of registration. Only PGCPS students are eligible for tuition waivers.


    Refunds are granted to students who must withdraw during the first week of school. Requests for refunds must be submitted on the appropriate form with the original receipt to the summer school site where the student was registered to attend.


    Students having more than two (2) absences or six (6) tardies will be withdrawn and will not be eligible for credit, grade, or refund.

    In accordance with the PGCPS summer schedule of opened and closed days, most programs will meet Monday through Thursday. See the individual program for scheduled meeting dates. All schools and offices are closed on June 26 for Election Day.

    If the PGCPS calendar is altered, summer dates will be adjusted. All changes to dates and locations will be posted on the PGCPS website (www1.pgcps.org).

    Student Rights and Responsibilities

    Students must adhere to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Please refer to Administrative Procedure 10101 at www1.pgcps.org/administrativeprocedures/.

    Dress Code

    Students must dress in a clean, neat, and safe manner. Uniforms are not required.

    Progress Reports

    SchoolMAX is not available during the summer for progress reports. Please email the teacher to request a progress update for credit recovery and original credit programs. There are no grades for enrichment and bridge programs.

    Final Grades

    Grades for credit recovery and original credit programs will be posted to SchoolMAX one week after the summer program is completed. There are no grades for enrichment and bridge programs.

    Summer Curriculum

    Program curriculum is developed by content-area staff and aligned with content standards.

    Forms of Payment for Summer Programs

    All programs accept money orders. Many accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card through the MySchoolBucks online payment application. Payment may not be made by check.

    Students Not Enrolled in a Prince George’s County Public School

    Students outside of PGCPS are eligible to enroll in credit recovery and original credit programs only. At registration, these students must submit a transcript and a letter from the school stating the credit course taken during the summer is equivalent to the credit course that is needed.


    If you have any transportation issues or questions, please call 301-952-6570 or email transpor@pgcps.org.

    Program Definitions

    • Bridge programs prepare students with the academic skills to successfully transition from middle to high school.
    • Enrichment programs provide students with an extended learning experience.
    • Original Credit programs offer credits that count toward fulfilling requirements for graduation. Credit Recovery allows middle and high school students the opportunity to earn previously attempted credits to meet promotion or graduation requirements.