• TAG Identification and Screening

    Students are identified for inclusion in the Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program following specific procedures. Several basis concepts are incorporated in the identification procedures including:

    • Universal screening - all students are tested in grades 1 and 3
    • Multiple criteria - selection for the TAG is based on assessment of a variety of objective and subjective factors which are aligned to and meet the National Association of Gifted Children Exemplary Standards
    • Multiple opportunities - all students in grades one and three are tested as the initial phase of the screening process; new registrants may also be screened in grades 2, and 4 through 7
    • Committee recommendation - a group of school-based professional educators review and analyze all available data regarding placement recommendations and submit documentation to the TAG Office for review and final determination
    • Rescreens - yearly TAG rescreens are initiated and monitored by the TAG Office