• Middle School TAG Center Program

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    TAG Coordinator

    2017-2018 Benjamin Tasker Middle School Grade 6 TBD

    Accokeek Academy

    Amanda Meyer

    Greenbelt Middle School

    Tracey Thisse

    Kenmoor Middle School

    Beth Novick

    Walker Mill Middle School

     Dr. Carol Shelton


    The TAG Center Middle School Program is designed to meet the unique needs of highly able students. Components of the program include:


    ·        Full-day instructional program

    ·        Full-time coordinator at each site

    ·        Trained teachers selected for their interest and experience working with TAG students

    ·        Extracurricular and enrichment opportunities (vary by school)

    ·        Accelerated Course Sequence in Math that includes Algebra I and Geometry for some students. 

    .        Implementation of Kaplan's Depth and Complexity Model across content areas.

    ·        Enriched approach to Social Studies, including participation in the National History Day research process

    .        World Language instruction



    Enriched approach to language arts including use of the following:



    • Updated 2016-2017 Honors Curriculum
    • William & Mary Units for Highly Able Learners       
    • Junior Great Books Shared Inquiry