• A Word From Our Principal


     It is my privilege and honor to serve as Principal of Northwestern High School. I am in awe of the rich, diverse community that includes Northwestern and our feeder schools Hyattsville and Nicholas Orem Middle. I am looking forward to working with our World Class students and educators and inspiring them to be Great by Choice!  

    I am no stranger to Prince Georges County. I taught Spanish at Largo High School over 10 years ago, my family and I live in the county, and my daughter has attended a Prince George’s County School since kindergarten. I return to work in the county partly because my daughter’s schooling helped me realize what a great school system we have and also because I am committed to providing the highest quality education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment through collaboration with our staff, parents, and community.  I truly believe that education does not take place in a vacuum.  Our success is dependent upon the input, support, and involvement from all of our stakeholders. We are only as strong as each member of our team and each member is equally as important as the next.  

    At Northwestern High School, World Class Teachers and Staff are preparing our World Class Students to be College and Career Ready. I love this mantra that was introduced to me on my very first day of school. I would like to add our World Class Community without whom we cannot be successful. I am very passionate about collaboration inside and outside of our school house. I will be spending a considerable amount of time engaging with all of our stakeholders to advance our agenda to improve Attendance, Achievement, Instruction, and Matriculations; the 4 Big Rocks that are the cornerstone of our work at Northwestern. 

    I am looking forward to a great school year and I want you to join me in making this the very best learning experience for the students at Northwestern High School.   

    E.Carlene Murray