• TRC Program at Northview Elementary

    TRC Program at Northview Elementary

    Northview Elementary School is a Tag in the Regular Classroom (TRC) school, which means students be placed together at each grade level with a TAG trained teacher. Teachers have gone through extensive training and are continuously expanding their knowledge of instructional strategies that are key in educating gifted children. Through the use of higher-level questioning techniques and frequent formal and informal assessments, students will be consistently evaluated based on their performance, mastery, and diagnosed areas of need. Teachers focus on encouraging creativity and critical thinking through inquiry based teaching and learning. Flexible grouping strategies are implemented in order to consistently meet the needs of individual students. A thorough understanding that students are intelligent in a multitude of ways and the desire to assist students in developing these multiple intelligences guide teachers in their instructional decisions. Through the use of instructional technologies, primary sources, and culturally diverse resources, students will be provided with enriching and worthwhile educational experiences that will promote the desire to be lifelong learners. It is our desire to foster independence and self-motivation within our students so that we may instill in them the tools necessary to become lifelong learners. 

    Program Delivery and Identification Procedures

    TAG identification involves a balance of quantitative and qualitative measures following very specific procedures which include: 

    Global Testing – all students are tested in grades 1 and 3. Students may also be nominated in grades 2 and 4 through 7. 

    Multiple criteria – selection for the TAG program is based on the assessment of a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures which are aligned to meet the National Association of Gifted Children Exemplary Standards. 

    Committee Recommendation – a group of school based professional educators analyze all appropriate data regarding placement recommendations. The TAG supervisor or Specialist reviews, approves, processes, and codes TAG-identified students. 

    Rescreening – yearly, TAG re-screens are initiated and monitored by the TAG Office. Students with qualifying test data, who do not qualify in other areas are recommended for rescreening later that year or first quarter of the next school year. 

    You can click on the hyperlink for important documents regarding identification and delivery. 

    For more information of the identification and delivery Procedures:

    Contact the Prince George's County Office of Talented and Gifted at: http://www1.pgcps.org/tag/