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    TNI Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative
    Community Resource Advocate
    Belinda Johnson

     TNI@School: Prince George's Community Schools Network is one result of  the  highly-successful Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI), Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker's vision to achieve a Thriving Economy, Great Schools, Safe Neighborhoods, and High Quality Healthcare by targeting cross-governmental resources to neighborhoods that have significant needs. TNI@School places targeted resources in some of the schools in the TNI Neighborhoods and is designed to remove barriers to academic success, support improved academic performance, and connect students and families to resources. The goal is to help ensure students are resilient, successful, and ready to learn. TNI@School has partnered with different organizations to provide in-school services for students and families with the greatest need.

    TNI@School: Prince George's Community Schools Network has adopted The Coalition for Community Schools' framework. Community schools are both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. There are a number of national models and local community school initiatives that share a common set of principles: fostering strong partnerships, sharing accountability for results, setting high expectations, building on the community’s strengths, and embracing diversity and innovative solutions. For more information about the Coalition and the community schools movement is available at www.communityschools.org.

    The Office of the County Executive, the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) and the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services (PGCDSS) has implemented the TNI@School Community Resource Advocate. The project places a Community Resource Advocate (CRA) in 40 schools located in TNI neighborhoods identified by the County and School System as needing additional supports. The TNI@School Community Resource Advocate Project is designed to ensure that families receive services and supports necessary to mitigate social and/or emotional issues that may negatively affect a child’s ability to attend school fully available to learn. Each TNI School has a Community Resource Advocate (CRA) on-site whose main role is to assess level of need and connect children, youth, and families to services and supports based on those identified needs. To learn more about the CRA Program go to  https://tni.princegeorgescountymd.gov/


    • Remove barriers to academic success
    • Offer food security/income stabilization                                                  
    • Connect to community resources
    • Create protective environments for children                           
    • Assist with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Needs
    • Support improved academic performance
    • Develop, implement, and support school wide initiatives on specific topics/issues relevant to student success and family stability 


    • School Attendance
    • Suspected Mental Health/Substance Use concerns
    • Economic support (Transportation, Food, Shelter, etc.)
    • Academic Support not related to a disability (Tutors/Mentors)
    • Health Care Concerns
    • Liaison between Prince George’s County Foster Care and the School


    Referrals can be made for all programs to the school’s Community Resource Advocate, Belinda Johnson

     TNI@/School Partnerships

    TNI@school  has multiple partnerships that make this WORK! Resource Coordination and Referral, Behavioral Health Counseling, Case Management, Positive Youth Development, and College and Career Readiness are leveraged to engage students and families to collaborate with the school as a center for community. 

    This year one of the newest Behavioral Health Partners is Maryland  Family Resource Inc who is on-site at North Forestville Elementary School. MFR has been providing office and community based mental health and rehabilitation services to Prince George's County Residences for over 22years. MFR now has a full time therapist, Keyona Hall at North Forestville Elementary School to  provide mental health therapy, consultation, and support services.