Enrolling in a Charter School Lottery

  If you are currently living in Prince George’s County but your child is not enrolled in a public school, you will need to obtain a Prince George's County Public School issued student number for your child  – this number is required to complete the charter school lottery applicationYou do not need to withdraw your child in order to get this number. 

  • Contact the school assigned for your home address to make arrangements to obtain the student number.  School Finder  
  • Bring your child's original birth certificate and your proof of Prince George's County residence (you may use your deed or settlement papers or a lease or rental agreement.  If you have residence other than the aforementioned please call the Pupil Accounting School Boundaries Office at 301-952-6300 for information on what documents to provide as your proof of residence).  
  • Inform the Secretary/Registrar that you need a student number to apply for the lottery.  Remain at the school until the number is issued by the Secretary/Registrar.  
  • Use this number for application for your child to enter a Charter School. 

My child is already a student in Prince George's County Public Schools - where would I find the student number? 
Look at your child's report card.  The student number is a 9 digit number starting with 000 or 10.  Or you can GO TO your child's school with proof of identity and request the student number.


Last modified: 11/2/2017 8:39:03 AM