Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

                At Mount Rainier Elementary School, we will inspire our students to become 21st century global citizens through high academic standards and a rigorous curriculum while fostering the infusion of arts and technology. An inviting and nurturing environment will ensure that each child is able to learn safely by developing a strong sense of peace, respect, and responsibility in each student as a member of the community.


Vision Statement  

Mount Rainier Elementary School values and respects the uniqueness of all individuals while working together as a community to excel at the highest academic and social​ levels.


Philosophy Statement 

 At Mount Rainier Elementary, we firmly believe in our duty to instill and nurture a strong desire in each of our students to excel at the highest academic and social level. We understand that we serve as important role models for our students and realize that to be successful, we must work in partnership with the entire school.

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