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Please find below information about several on-going fundraisers that Montpelier is participating in. These fundraisers are a way to help our school just by doing your regular shopping, and purchasing products that you normally buy. We thank you for your support.



This year, General Mills continues to expand the Box Tops for Education program. This is very exciting news for Montpelier. With the addition of many new products, Box Tops will be available on over 330 General Mills products--nearly tripling the number of participating products. This is a great opportunity for students, parents, grandparents and the whole community to come together for the good of Montpelier. Watch for those Box Tops, clip them off the box and send them to school.

You can dowload a complete list of participating products HERE! Download fun collection sheets HERE!


Be sure to re-register for Montpelier for the Safeway and Giant funds for education programs. You can register for Giant at   School ID: 00402 

Safeway particiates in the escrip program.  You must register with escrip, then register your Safeway card and designate Montpelier. 
Visit to reigster.  Our Safeway school ID is 6539186

Click here for escrip directions!


Montpelier Elementary can now receive even larger donations through Target's Take Charge ofEducation with the new Target Visa.  The Target Visa allows Montpelier to receive donations from Target not only when you shop at Target (just like the Target Guest Card), but also when you use the card everywhere else Visa is accepted--over 21 million merchantlocations worldwide.  Now families and friends can use either the new Target Visa or the Target Guest Card for Montpelier Elementary to receive donations from Target through Take Charge of Education.

Here are the specifics:
·         Target will donate 1% of Target Visa and Target Guest Card purchases made at Target stores, (including ) and 1/2% of Target Visa purchases made everywhere else Visa is accepted.

For questions, please call 1-800-316-6142.  

 Do you want to find out how much Montpelier is earning in the Target School Fundraising program? Here's what you need to do:
1. Go online to
2. Click on the "Take Charge of Education" icon
3. Click on "School Fundraising"
4. Click on "Click here to see how your favorite school is doing"
5. On this page you can either type in the school's name, state and zip code, or you can enter Montpelier's ID # which is 58364
Once you have found Montpelier Elementary, you can view the pending donation
amount, the date and amount of the last donation, the number of Target guests donating to the school, program-to-date donations and calendar-year donations. If you haven't designated Montpelier Elementary to benefit from your Target Guest Card purchases (an amount equal to 1% of your purchases) please visit the Web site,  , or call 1-800-316-6142.


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