• Arrival & Dismissal Procedures



    All Scholar drop off's are REQUIRED to take place in the designated KISS-N-RIDE area outside of the school on Woodyard Road. 

    No parent vehicle will be allowed on School property between 7:25am-7:45am. Parents we kindly ask that you do not exit your vehicle. Scholars will be greeted by Melwood staff and escorted into school.

    K-eep       I-t      S-hort      &       S-weet



    If you plan to pick your scholar up at the end of the school day, you must do so by waiting in the KISS-N-Ride area on Woodyard Road

    All Walkers and Car Riders will be escorted to the crossing by a Melwood staff member



    If your scholar's mode of transportation changes, it is the parent's responsibility to notify the school officials in writing or by contacting the practitioner prior to 1:00 PM.  

     In an effort to avoid confusion and to maintain safety, we will not accept or honor this information from our scholars.

    Scholars are only permitted to ride their assigned bus.  Formal permission must be granted by the administrators upon receiving a written request from the parent (s).

    Scholars who arrive to school later than 7:50am will be considered tardy and must be accompanied to the main office by an adult.