Family Services

Prince George’s County Department of Social Services: Community Resource Advocate  

Community Resource Advocate (CRA). Bianca Guzman- Harsley  -School Number: 301 408-7900- ext 56836

The TNI Community Resource Advocate’s are designed to ensure that families receive services and supports necessary to mitigate social and/or emotional issues that may negatively affect a child’s ability to attend school fully available to learn. Each TNI School has a Community Resource Advocate (CRA) on-site whose main role is to assess level of needs and connect children, youth, and families to services and supports based on those identified needs. Referrals can be made by any school staff member, a student, parent/guardian or community member.

Referral reasons may include but not limited too:

  •   Poor attendance
  •   Suspected mental health/substance use 
  •   Economic support (transportation, food, shelter,  etc.)
  •   Academic support not related to a disability
  •   Health care concerns

TNI@School Project has partnered and will partner with different organizations to provide in-school services for students and families with the greatest need. Referrals can be made for all programs to the school’s.



Community Resource Advocate
Prince George's County Department of Social Services
TNI@School: Prince George's Community Schools Network
Mary Harris "Mother" Jones Elementary School
2405 Tecumseh Street
Adelphi, MD 20785
Cell: 240-619-6147
Office: 301-408-7900
Fax: 301-408-7904
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