Principal Message

 Principal's photo    Dear Longfields' Parents and Guardians, My name is Carmen L. Bell, and it has been a pleasure meeting all of you during the Meet & Greet program and through the summer days. I am so excited to be your principal. I want to share with you my background and core vision. 
This school year, I will be entering in my second year of administration in Prince George's County Public Schools. Through these past couple years, I have gained so many valuable perspectives from the colleagues, families and students with whom I have worked. I have gained their trust and respect through both hard work and compassion, and that experience has prepared me to be your school leader. 
As a school leader and administrator, my greatest joy has been in fostering collaboration among all the stakeholders in the school community, building on the strengths of staff, parents, and community members and focusing these teams strategically on students' needs. 
As a parent myself, I have two wonderful little boys and two amazing little twin girls, whom of which are all in elementary school. I understand the awesome responsibility I now have, that Longfields' families entrust me each and every day to do, which is to look after their precious little ones. I take the responsibility very seriously and will make this focus area an on-going priority. 
In my first 90 days, my big plan is to seek to understand the whole school community before making any monumental plans. I will continue to learn from staff members while also scheduling individual and group sessions to learn from parents, students and community members. In addition, I will work with teams to use historical and current quantitative and qualitative data, as well as informal observations to assess Longfields' progress. 
Also, as a part of this plan, I will be looking carefully at how the Talented and Gifted (TAG) and Comprehensive programs are currently woven into the school community. Ultimately, I want to build a shared vision, around these two programs, for a strategic plan that will guide our work together this year and into the future. 
I thank the Longfields' families and staff for everlasting partnerships and I look forward to working with all school and community stakeholders during my time here at Longfields Elementary School. Please feel free to email me any time: 

Sincerely, Carmen L. Bell

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