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In order to keep our media center looking and feeling new, we need some rules... 

Checkout Policies:  

  • Kindergarten: 1 book, not to be taken out of classroom 
  • Grades 1-6:  2 materials may be checked out for a 2-week period.  

General Rules: 

  • SOAR (Successful, Organized, Achiever, Respectful) 
  • NO food or drinks in the media center. 
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on when you want to speak. 

Book Care Rules: 

  • No food or drink near your books when you bring them home or to your classrooms. 
  • Keep books away from little brothers and sisters, pets, and other things that do not know how to care for a book! 
  • Keep your books away from water at all times! 
  • Keep your book in a safe place so you always know where it is (bookbags are GREAT spots when you're not reading!). 

If you lose your book: 

  • Check EVERYWHERE! Check your house/apartment, your car, your bedroom and every room in the home, your classroom library, ask your friends, ask your family...make SURE you cannot find it! 
  • If you STILL can't find it, you must pay for the book so we can replace it in the media center. The price of the book depends on what we paid for it, and Mrs. Walker will be able to provide that information for you and your family.  
  • If we find your book after you've paid for it, we will fully reimburse you what you paid us! 

Web Links 


Remember to find our school and click on Catalog to search our OPAC.

 Prince George's County Public Libraries 

An amazing FREE resource for you and your family. You can go to the libraries or access so much information on their website, like FREE homework help, ebooks and audiobooks, great games and more!

 50 ways to use your library card 

This is a great PDF to remind us how awesome library cards are!











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