TAG 2016-2017

2016-2017 TAG Pull-out Units of Study

Grades 2 and 3 - Structures, Symmetry, Junior Great Books, and Guided Independent Study
Grades 4 - 6 - Forces from Within and Without, Logic, Junior Great Books, and Guided Independent Study

Primary TAG Curriculum Overview 

Structures, both natural and man-made, is the theme of an Interdisciplinary Unit designed to strengthen the students’ critical thinking, and communication skills though experimentation, research, discussion, and creative expression.

Symmetry includes a variety of activities to train students to observe and organize data and to use deductive reasoning in problem solving. 

Intermediate TAG Overview

Forces From Within and Without is an interdisciplinary unit that is centered around how internal and external forces on our lives. Students explore the five major views/levels of the concept of "forces".  These levels include Forces to survive, Forces to be content, Forces to move beyond self, Forces to live in harmony with the environment, and Forces to break free from the expected.  Higher level thinking and self actualization skills are stressed throughout the unit.  The collection of activities has an interdisciplinary approach and involves the major content areas including music, art, science, math, and language arts.

The Adventures in Logic unit identifies and develops the principles of logical reasoning.  Students explore various types of logic problems including syllogisms, analogies, brainteasers, Conjunctions and Disjunctions, Conditionals, and Matrices and Diagrams3-2014 TAG Department.

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