School Nurse

                                         SCHOOL NURSE  

                Nurse 6        
      Nurse 4                        
                     MISSION STATEMENT:                           

To promote optimal health necessary for academic success for all Lake Arbor ES students. 

                                       NOTICE TO PARENTS:

If you have a child with a medical condition that requires medication to be administered at school please visit and click on Health Services and review the following: 



     *inhalers                                                                                          Nurse 2 


 PARENT RESOURCES AND INFORMATION:                                                    

     *Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America   ( 

     *American Diabetes Association ( 

     *Center for Disease Control ( 

     *Prince George’s County Health Department ( 


 ANNUAL HEALTHROOM ACTIVITIES:                                            *Mobile Dentist  (more information will be forthcoming)                    Nurse 5
*Hearing and Vision Screening


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