• Staff Information

    Staff Contact Information


    Kristie Clark Principal      Principal's Office kristi.clark@pgcps.org  

    Main Office

    Lenea Folk Principal's Secretary/ Bookkeeper Main Office lenea.folk@pgcps.org  
    Sonia Brooks Registrar Main Office


    Kay Diggs Nurse Health Room kay.diggs@pgcps.org   

    Teachers (* indicates grade level chair)

    Karen Donovan* Kindergarten Room 12 karen.donovan@pgcps.org website
    Raven Bennett      Kindergarten Room 11 raven.bennett@pgcps.org       
    Christina Mastandrea Kindergarten Room 11 christina.mastandrea@pgcps.org  
    Cynthia LaTorre*   First Grade Room 106 cynthia.latorre@pgcps.org  
    Dawn Brown First Grade Room 108 dereza@pgcps.org  
    Ashley Lott      First Grade Room 107 ashley.lott@pgcps.org  
    Barbara Cheek* Second Grade Room 208 bcheek@pgcps.org website
    (See teacher for password)
    Imon Parker
    Second Grade
    TAG Coordinator
    Room 210 imon.parker@pgcps.org

    Terri Dolan* Third Grade Room 201 tdolan@pgcps.org website
    Vicki Dinch Third Grade Room 204 vicki.dinch@pgcps.org website
    Robert Watson* Fourth Grade Room 206 rwatson@pgcps.org website
    Bonnie Razler Fourth Grade Room 207 bonnie.carr@pgcps.org   website
    Catherine Weiss Fourth Grade Room 205 catherine.weiss@pgcps.org  
    Tara Blount-Alexander* Fifth Grade Room 20 tara.blountalexander@pgcps.org  
    Julissa Escamilla  Fifth Grade Room 22 Julissa.Escamilla@pgcps.org  


    Ronyl Williams Professional School Counselor Counselor's Office ronyl.williams@pgcps.org  
    Yvette Virachittevin ESOL Coordinator/Teacher Room 202 (Wednesdays, Thursdays and A Fridays)


    Kimberly Magruder Instructional Lead Teacher Room 25 kimber.magruder@pgcps.org    
    Lewis Williams      Media Specialist      Library      lewis.williams@pgcps.org  


    Carolyn Sauer           Special Education Room 103 carolyn.orozco@pgcps.org   
    Pamela Roth Special Education Room 103 pamela.roth@pgcps.org  
    Patricia Scalise Special Education Room 212 patricia.scalise@pgcps.org  
    Michael Shannon Special Education Room 23/202 michael.shannon@pgcps.org  
    Keith Gill Special Education Room 203 keith.gill@pgcps.org  
    Lee Carter      Special Education Room 209 lee2.carter@pgcps.org  
    Trifon Perges Special Education Room 105 trifon.perges@pgcps.org  
    Shannon Gilliard School Psychologist Room 212 shannon.gilliard@pgcps.org  
    Chris Beall Occupational Therapist      Room 212 chris.beall@pgcps.org  
    Rhonda Glaude Speech/Language Therapist Room 212 rhonda.glaude@pgcps.org  
      Physical Education Room 107    
    Katria Kuzmowycz Vocal Music Room 21 katria.kuzmowycz@pgcps.org  
    James Kerns Instrumental Music Stage jkerns@pgcps.org  
    Karen Swezy Interrelated Arts Art Office karen.casazza@pgcps.org  

    Support Staff

    Leticia Kelly      Paraprofessional Room 101 leticia.kelly@pgcps.org  
    Felecia Wiggins Paraprofessional Room 101 felecia.wiggins@pgcps.org  
    Charlotte Spencer Paraprofessional Room 106 charlotte.underwood@pgcps.org  
    Darnell Sheffield     Paraprofessional Room 209 darnell.sheffield@pgcps.org  
    Ashlie Patterson Paraprofessional Room 110 ashlie.patterson@pgcps.org  
    Dipty Sharma      Paraprofessional   dipty.sharma@pgcps.org  
    Patrina Wilson ISEA   patrina.wilson@pgcps.org    
    Michelle Harrison ISEA   michelle2.harrison@pgcps.org  
    Michelle Nixon ISEA     michelle.nixon@pgcps.org  
    Latoya Wiggins ISEA   latoya.wiggins@pgcps.org  
    Tinnell Harris ISEA   tinnell.harris@pgcps.org  
    Ricmar Gacusan Building Supervisor   ricmar.gacusan@pgcps.org  
    Darrett Powell Night Lead  


    Cyndi Koehler Cafeteria Manager MPR


        Cafeteria Assistant MPR    
    LaVerne Bland Before and After Care Director BASCP Office lbland@pgcps.org  
    Sushila Baheti B & A Activity Assistant BASCP Office sushila.baheti@pgcps.org    
    Shara Smith B & A Activity Assistant BASCP Office