• Cougar Handbook

    Cougar Student/Parent Handbook

     Kenilworth Elementary





     Rodney Henderson, Principal 






    12520 Kembridge Drive 

    Bowie, MD 20715 

    School Office: 301-805-6600 

    Fax: 301-805-6605 





    School Website: http://www1.pgcps.org/kenilworth/ 





    PTA Calendar 













    The Kenilworth community of learners, made up of children, teachers, parents, and administrators will work to optimize the potential of all members in an environment that nurtures learning through academic excellence, artistic expression, and rich extracurricular activities, provided by a compassionate, caring, world-class faculty.  This community will work together as a cohesive unit to foster positive relationships, celebrate successes both great and small, embrace diversity, and build a sense of pride and accomplishment in every child.  After attending Kenilworth, our students should leave fully prepared to succeed in their life’s journey; possessing an irrepressible desire for lifelong learning and self-improvement. 




    The mission of Kenilworth Elementary School is to ensure that all students are engaged in meaningful learning every day. 


    School Hours 


    7:00 a.m.          Before Care Begins 

    7:15 a.m.          Teacher Duty Day Begins 

    7:30 a.m.          Arrival - Entrance Bell Rings, Before Care Ends 

    7:45 a.m.          Late Bell rings - All students should be in class. 

    7:50 a.m.          Morning Announcements on WKES 

    10:20 a.m.        Kindergarten Lunch 

    10:40 a.m.        1st Grade Lunch 

    11:00 a.m.        2nd Grade Lunch 

    11:20 a.m.        3rd Grade Lunch 

    11:40 a.m.        4th Grade Lunch 

    12:00 p.m.        5th Grade Lunch 

    1:50 p.m.          Afternoon Announcements 

    1:55 p.m.         Dismissal Bell Rings 

    2:00 p.m.          After Care Begins 

    2:45 p.m.          Teacher Duty Day Ends 

    3:30 p.m.          Main Office Closes 

    6:00 p.m.          After Care Ends 





    Arrival and Dismissal 

    Students may enter the building at 7:30 a.m. and go directly to their classrooms. The late bell rings at 7:45 a.m. and students are expected to be in class ready to learn at that time. Students arriving after 7:50 a.m. are considered tardy and will be marked tardy by their teacher. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. should report to the office for a late pass. 


          In order to guarantee the safety of your child, please do not leave your child at school unsupervised before 7:30 a.m.  Only students enrolled in Before and After Care are allowed in the building before 7:30 a.m. 


          Please respect the posted traffic patterns in front of the building when dropping off children. No cars will be allowed in the main driveway when buses are loading and unloading. 


    Early Dismissals 

       Students must be signed out in the office for early dismissals. If it is necessary to pick up your child early, please plan to leave the school before 1:35 p.m. to avoid a conflict with the buses.  To insure the safety of your children, no cars will be permitted to enter or exit the driveway once the buses have arrived. 



       Please send a note to your child’s teacher or call the school office (301-805-6600) to notify us of absences. You will be notified by the PGCPS automated calling system every time your child is absent or tardy.  




    Lunch and breakfast are served daily. The price of a full lunch is $2.60, milk is $.55, and breakfast is $1.50. Please check your child’s book bag for lunch and breakfast menus. All students are assigned a PIN number and given a debit account to deposit money for lunch and breakfast. You are encouraged to send a check for the entire week or month. Using the debit accounts speeds up the serving lines and gives students more time to socialize and eat. You may call the school and ask to speak to Mrs. Hernandez to check your child’s balance. When you think your child’s balance may be low, please ask if he or she received a reminder notice. (See below) 



    Dear Parent/Guardian

    The balance in your child’s lunch account is low.

    This is just a reminder to let you know that you may want to deposit money in his or her account.

    Free and reduced lunch applications are sent home at the beginning of the year. If you believe that you may qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, complete the application and return it to the school. 


    Parent Teacher Association 


    Kenilworth Elementary School has a stellar PTA. You will have many opportunities to volunteer and participate in PTA sponsored events throughout the school year. Please look for the flyers advertising these events. PTA meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium or library.  If you have any questions, you may contact the PTA Secretary at kesptasecretary@yahoo.com. 


    School Improvement Team 


    If you are interested in crunching data or deciding how resources are utilized to improve overall instruction at Kenilworth, then you will want to join the School Improvement Team (SIT).  School-Based Management Team (SBMT) meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 2:10 p.m. in the library media center. The primary responsibility of the SIT/SBMT is to develop the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and monitor the implementation of the plan. No experience is necessary to join the team. You do not need to be a designated member of the team to attend a meeting. 


    Visiting Classrooms 


    In order to have a smooth start to the school day, we ask that all parents exit the building by 7:45 a.m., unless you have arranged to volunteer in your child’s classroom for the day. All individuals who are not Kenilworth employees must sign in at the main office and wear a visitor’s pass with their name and the date of the visit. This is imperative to insure the safety of your children and the security of the building. The PGCPS administrative procedure regarding visitors is outlined below. 


    All visitors (including Prince George’s County Public Schools employees) must report to the main office and sign the visitor’s log before going to any location in the building. The principal is responsible for posting:  Notice—All Visitors Must Report to the Main Office and Present a Photo ID at the entrances to the building. The principal must have a log available and retain the daily log for two (2) years for audit purposes. 


    Visits to classrooms are arranged as follows: 


    1. Classroom visits and conferences by parents and other persons in the school community are encouraged. Such visits should be arranged with the classroom teacher.  Younger siblings or relatives are not permitted to accompany parent volunteers. 
    2. Additional adults in classrooms can be very disruptive to a learning environment. Classroom observations by parents are approved on an individual basis by administration. Please notify the office if you wish to observe your child’s classroom, and an appointment will be made with an administrator. 



    Home-School Communication 


          Please check your child’s book bag for the Red Kenilworth Folder.  All written home-school communication should go in that folder.  If you send a note to school with your child, please encourage your child to show it to his or her teacher.  Monthly newsletters and other important reminders will be sent home in the red folders.  Please make a habit of checking the folder daily. 


          If you do not receive a response from a written note, please call the school and leave a message for your child’s teacher to return your call.  Teachers do have telephones in the classrooms, but they are not available to receive calls during the school day.  The office staff will take a message and every effort will be made to respond to any parent communication within 24 hours. 



    Resolving Conflicts 


    Parents are entitled to timely resolution to concerns.  We believe that a positive relationship between home and school is essential for the success of each student.  The following is a guideline for resolving concerns you may have for your child and it is recommended that the steps be followed in order. 


    1. Discuss your concerns with the appropriate staff person. 
    2. Request a Parent Teacher Conference. 
    3. Request a conference with the administrator.  

    All teachers have e-mail accounts.  Look for a link to staff e-mail on the website at www1.pgcps.org/kenilworth.  Mr. Henderson’s e-mail address is rodne.henderson@pgcps.org. 


    School Bus/Transportation Privileges 


    Rules to Ride: 

    1. Cooperate with the driver.  The driver has authority on the bus. 
    2. Maintain classroom conduct. 
    3. Stay in your seat while bus is in motion. 
    4. Keep all parts of your body and all objects inside the bus. 
    5. Do not block the aisle with body or objects. 
    6. No cursing or loud talking on the bus. 
    7. Do not litter, write on, or damage the bus in any way. 
    8. Do not eat, drink, or smoke on the bus. 
    9. No pushing, shoving, or fighting on or off the bus. 
    10. No radios allowed on the bus. 


    ***Any student engaging in any of the aforementioned conduct is clearly in violation of the transportation rules and may be subject to a bus/school suspension and/or revocation of bus privileges. 



    How Parents Help 

    1. Monitor and supervise your children at bus stop locations.  Children under the age of seven need adult supervision to get on and off the bus safely. 
    2. Explain conduct guidelines to your children who ride the bus to and from school. 
    3. Accompany your children to and from their designated bus stop location. 
    4. Allow Prince George’s County bus drivers to enforce the guidelines set by the Board for student rider conduct. 
    5. Refrain from approaching bus drivers/attendants at bus stops, schools, or bus lots with complaints, threats, or other negative situations.  Complaints should be made to school administration or transportation administrators.  Failure to adhere to this policy could cause the affected student to lose bus-riding privileges. 
    6. Transportation Department: 301-952-6570 




    School-wide Discipline Plan 


    Public schools have two primary objectives:


    1. Provide adequate, adult supervision to insure the safety and well-being of all students. 
    2. Provide a quality education in a calm, orderly environment in which teachers can teach, and children can learn. 



    The goal of the Kenilworth Elementary School-wide Discipline plan is to insure that we achieve both of our primary objectives.  We believe that maintaining appropriate student behavior is the responsibility of all stakeholders to include administrators, teachers, parents, and students. n order to achieve our goal of maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning, our school-wide discipline policy will be enforced as follows: 

    • Teacher/Staff observes inappropriate behavior 
    • A warning will be given to the student (in case of minor offenses.) 
    • If the behavior continues after a warning has been given
      • Strike one – consequence given; behavior/consequence is documented on an Interim Referral Form that is maintained in a classroom file. 
      • Strike two – consequence given; a second Interim Referral Form completed; parent informed about interventions taken, as well as, future consequences. 
      • Strike three – a formal office referral (PS-74) will be written and the student will be directed to the administrator for further intervention. 


    ***Note: Major infractions, such as fighting, will result in an automatic office referral. 



    The Passport Program 


          The staff at Kenilworth Elementary School realizes the importance of supporting and encouraging students who strive to make good choices; therefore, we have established the “Passport Program."  At the start of the school year, each teacher is given a classroom set of Passports and a customized Kenilworth stamp.  Students are given a few days to become familiar with the rules/procedures through writing, drawing, role-play, etc.  The students are then encouraged to demonstrate good character, on a consistent basis, in each of the areas indicated on the Passport (classroom, hallways, playground, cafeteria, school or bus dismissal, and special areas, such as P.E., music, and the media center). 


            Through observation, as well as feedback, from the other staff members (cafeteria staff, bus driver, administrators, P.E./music teacher, etc.), teachers recognize students for being role models by stamping specific areas on the Passport.  When students have all six areas stamped, they are sent to the Principal to receive an official seal, as well as a “certified letter” of recognition, to take home to their parents.  In addition, students who have earned their passports get to participate in special activities and/or receive rewards throughout the school year.  The names of Passport Holders, for the current school year, will also be displayed on a Peace Tree banner located in the hallway near the front office.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to communicate about Passport goals and consistently provide students with positive reinforcement and support in order to facilitate them earning their Passports. 






    Kenilworth Important Phone Numbers: 

    Main Office                                                                                               301-805-6600

    Fax                                                                                                           301-805-6605

    Before and After Care                                                                                301-805-2769

    Cafeteria                                                                                                    301-352-2187

    Area 3 Office                                                                                             301-372-3431

    Faculty and Staff 

    Main Office 

    Rodney Henderson                                                                                     Principal

    Donna Harris                                                                                              Secretary

    LaShawn Hawkins                                                                                       Registrar/Attendance


    Classroom Teachers (*grade level chairs) 

    Christina Mastandrea                                                                                   Kindergarten

    Karen Donovan                                                                                           Kindergarten

    Adrienne Harris*                                                                                          Kindergarten

    Dawn Brown                                                                                           First Grade

    Ashley Lott                                                                                                First Grade

                                                                                                                     First Grade

    Cindy LaTorre                                                                                           Second Grade

    Barbara Ann Cheek*                                                                                 Second Grade

    Lynn Marano                                                                                            Second Grade

    Vicki Dinch                                                                                                Third Grade

    Teresa Dolan*                                                                                            Third Grade

    Bonnie Carr                                                                                                Fourth Grade

    Kimberly Magruder                                                                                    Fourth Grade

    Robert Watson*                                                                                          Fourth Grade

    Mary Lou LeMasters*                                                                                Fifth Grade

    Katie Keller                                                                                                 Fifth Grade

    Student Interns 

    Specialists and Support Staff 

    Dr. Chris Beall                                                                             Occupational Therapist

    Shannon Gilliard                                                                             Psychologist

    Ronyl Minor-Williams                                                      Professional School Counselor

    LaWaughn Rouse                                                                           Nurse

    Rhonda Glaude                                                                  Speech/Language Pathologist

    Beth Gray                                                                     Reading Specialist/TAG/Testing

    Mary Martin                                                                          Reading Resource Teacher

    Colleen Scott                                                                         Reading Resource Teacher

    Damien Brennan                                                                             Special Educator

    Carol Orozco                                                                                 Special Educator

    Amy Evans                                                                                    Special Educator

                                                                                                          Special Educator

    Pam Roth                                                                                       Special Educator

    Maria Teresa Sadili                                                                         Special Educator

    Ed Harris                                                                                           Library Media Specialist

    Karen Swezy                                                                                  Interrelated Arts Teacher

    James Kerns                                                                         Instrumental Music Teacher

    Katria Kuzmowycz                                                                        Vocal Music Teacher

                                                                         Physical Education Teacher

    Yvette Virachittevin                                                                        ESOL Teacher

    Rebecca Felter                                                                              Instructional Assistant

    Antoinette Hunter                                                                         Instructional Assistant

    Patricia Scalise                                                                            Instructional Assistant

    Dr. Lawrence Silva                                                                      Instructional Assistant

    Pauline Stimson                                                                           Instructional Assistant

    Felicia Wiggins                                                                            Instructional Assistant

    Anabel Hernandez                                                                          Cafeteria Manager

    Karen Ramsey                                                                                Cook

    Don Arnold                                                                                    Building Supervisor

                                                                                                          Night Cleaner

    Andrew Seiler                                                                                Motor Specialist

    LaVerne Bland                                                                 Before and After Care Director

    Ashlie Pitt                                                                         B &A Care Activity Assistant

    Tina Ferguson                                                                   B & A Care Activity Assistant