• Bell Schedule

    Bell Schedule


    7:30 a.m.            Students permitted to enter building

                              All staff members on duty greeting students.

                              Breakfast Begins.  Students must buy breakfast before going to class.


    7:45 a.m.            Morning bell rings.

                              All students should be in class.

                              Breakfast ends except for bus students arriving after 7:45 a.m.


    7:50 a.m.            Morning Announcements on WKES

                             Tardy students recorded on attendance sheets by teacher


    8:00 a.m.            Teachers send attendance to the office

                              Any more tardy students should go to the office for a late pass


    1:50 p.m.             Afternoon Announcements

                               Dismissal of Bus Students when called over P.A. System


    1:55 p.m.             Dismissal of walkers when called over P.A. System

                                After Care Begins

                                Students not permitted to return to classrooms