Prince George's County Public Schools

 Welcome back students and parents.  Students first day of school is Tuesday, August 25th.





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  Judge Sylvania Woods Staff Contact List 


Staff Member                                                             E-Mail Address


L. Anderson                                                          

L. Armstrong                                                         

E. Banks                                                              

L. Barrett                                                             

M. Bethea                                                             

S. Braddock                                                          

J. Cephas                                                              

D. Chatman                                                         

C. Coates-Baker                                                    

C. Coleman                                                          

M. Concepcion                                                      

J. Corbett                                                             

C. Crocheron                                                        

A. Cunningham                                                    

K. Daniels                                                           

T. Davis                                                              

J. Dayrit                                                               

C. Dixon                                                              

T. Dixon                                                              

D. Forbes                                                             

F. Ford                                                                 

A. Fuller                                                              

J. Gabanan                                                           

S. Gallagher                                                         

A. Gannon                                                           

N. Gilbert                                                            

B. Giles                                                                

C. Gomillion                                                         

S. Goodale                                                            

M. Grantham                                                        

M. Graves                                                            

N. Green                                                              

S. Green                                                                

C. Gregory                                                             

L. Gross                                                               

B. Hagen                                                              

G. Harden                                                            

P. Holloway                                                         

R. Holmes                                                            

D. Hopper                                                           

M. Isacco                                                             

M. James                                                            

J. Jefferson                                                           

S. Johnson                                                           

C. Jones                                                              

E. Jones-Plummer                                                

H. Kent                                                              

B. Kepler                                                            

I. Key                                                                 

D. LeDoux                                                        

A. Leynes                                                           

J. Linstrom                                                         

S. McDonald                                                      

G. McNair                                                         

K. Morrill                                                          

E. Nanali                                                          

V. Nesmith                                                        

G. Omenyi                                                          

B. Price                                                              

C. Ray                                                               

R. Richardson                                                      

A. Roane                                                            

P. Robinson                                                         

R. Roundtree                                                       

A. Sangalang                                                      

D. Savoy                                                            

C. Sibulo                                                            

A. Scott                                                              

C. Smith                                                             

D. Smith                                                             

S. Smith-Johnson                                                  

C. Southerland                                                     

R. Storm                                                              

L. Strother                                                           

W. Taylor                                                            

S. Wallace                                                           

K. Ward                                                              

L. Waters                                                            

M. Williams