Parents, Guardians, and Day Care Providers please bring your valid Identification Card upon entering the school premises.  Go to the MAIN or ECC OFFICE and secure a visitor's pass before going to your child's classroom.

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Last day for students and teachers, June 13, 2017

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

Home of the Mighty Mustangs!   

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school picture 9109 Welcome to James Ryder Randall Elementary School, the Home of the Mighty Mustangs!!! We are looking forward to an exciting and successful school year. We ask for your cooperation, so that we may provide your child with a safe environment and a rewarding and enriching educational experience. We, the administration and staff, would like to extend an invitation for you to visit our school, volunteer, and attend your child's programs. We are happy to have you and your child with us here at James Ryder Randall Elementary School and Early Childhood Center. 

 Vision Statement  

James Ryder Randall Elementary School's vision is simply to develop a safe environment where students, staff, parents, and the community work together to enhance student achievement. All students will be encouraged to grow academically and interpersonally, meeting the high standards for them. This will be attained through the realization of the vision and mission of Prince George's County Public Schools system.       



Prince George's County Public Schools  

     Prince George's County Public Schools' vision, mission, and core values are the compass which guides our actions.

Culture + Data + Performance = The Promise of Prince George's County Public Schools


   Our vision statement paints a future where all students, regardless of background or experiences, have access to high-quality learning environments, a broad array of educational opportunities, and effective support systems that equip them to graduate college and career ready.  


Our mission statement defines the scope of our work and communicates what we hope to contribute to society as a result.   

To provide a great education that empowers all students and contributes to thriving communities. 

Core Values

Our core values articulate our key beliefs about students, academic achievement, and the elements necessary to achieve excellence in education and learning.

  1. Students are our priority and all students can achieve at high academic levels. 
  2. Families, students, and educators share the responsibility for student success.
  3. High expectations inspire high performance. 
  4. All staff share the responsibility for a safe and supportive school environment contributing to excellence in education. 
  5. The support of everyone in our community is essential to the success of our schools and students, and this success enriches our community. 
  6. Continuous improvement in teaching, leadership, and accountability is the key to our destiny
Directions                    |         Mission/Vision Statement 

Attention, Parents! For more information about Pre-Kindergarten registration procedure click here.  
                            For more information about Kindergarten registration procedure click  here.
Transportation Hotline: (301) 952-6570 or by e-mail at Transpor@pgcps.org. 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
*NOTE: School Meal Prices have been updated. Click here for details.  


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