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Winter Break Homework Packet Answers
December 12, 2010
For Immediate Release
Winter Break Homework Packets

 The success of every child is critically important to us. We want to ensure that all children achieve to their maximum potential as they strive to become future leaders and college and career ready. With this in mind, we are posting online our Winter Break Homework Packets to reinforce your child’s academic potential.

Students in grades 3 - 8 will participate in the Maryland School Assessments (MSA) for Reading and Mathematics in March 2011, and MSA for Science in the spring of 2011. Students currently enrolled in Biology, Local, State and National Government, Reading/English Language Arts- Grade 10, and/or Algebra 1 or Algebra/Data Analysis will take the High School Assessments (HSA) in the spring of 2011. Improvement on MSA and HSA scores are only a reflection of what our students can achieve. Please be assured that the core goal of all required assignments is to strengthen your child’s ability to achieve through applying skills and processes that have been taught.

This packet is optional, but we ask that you encourage your child to complete the packet while on Winter Break. Although the packets are optional, students may receive feedback from their teachers for completion of these activities and teachers may provide further information regarding credit for the work done. Please see the directions for a description of expectations.

The answer keys will be posted online after January 3, 2011. We know that Striving for Excellence begins with your support at home. Thank you for supporting the efforts of your child.

If you have any questions about this packet, please contact Dr. Gladys Whitehead, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, at gladysw@pgcps,org or 301-808-8240 or Dr. Kara Libby, Coordinating Supervisor for Academic Programs, at klibby@pgcps.org or 301-808-5956.

View and download packets and answers for printing. 

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