Division of Human Resources
Last modified: 11/17/2012 4:59:54 PM
New Contract with PGCEA for Unit I Employees

1. All PGCPS employees in the bargaining unit represented by PGCEA will see the changes to their salaries resulting from the new labor contract in their December 21, 2012 paycheck. These will include:

a. If the employee is entitled to a step increment for 2012-2013, the check will reflect the salary for that pay period applicable to the advancement of one step for the balance of the school year, as well as an amount (less applicable deductions such as retirement and taxes) that reflects the retroactive payment for the step increase. The retroactive payment covers the period between July 1, 2012 (or such later date on which the employee's duty year began, which in the case of 10-month employees would be August 13, 2012, the first professional duty day for teachers) and the last pay period prior to implementation of the step increase (i.e, through November 30, 2012, which is the last work day covered by the December 7 pay check).

b. If the employee is not entitled to a step increment for 2012-2013 because he/she is at the top of the Unit I pay scale, the check will include an amount (less applicable deductions for taxes) equal to 2% of his/her base salary. Note that this amount is paid in one single lump sum, and will not be broken up into a retroactive payment back to July 1 followed by payments pro rated for the remainder of the year.

2. These salary adjustments are being calculated and implemented separately for tax purposes. There will not be any resulting increase in withholding rates even though the adjustments will all be paid out in the same paycheck.

3. Rather than engender any confusion that might result from re-numbering the steps as a consequence of the agreement to eliminate step 1 from the current Unit I pay scale, the Board and the Union have agreed to keep the step numbers the same and simply eliminate step 1 from the current scale, leaving the remaining steps numbered from 2-20.

4. If the employee was hired on or after July 1, 2012, and was not placed at the top of his/her current pay scale, the employee is not entitled to either a step increment or the 2% one-time payment. There will be no change in the check issued on December 21.

5. Employees are encouraged to check Employee Self-Service to verify their current step placement, and then check it again after December 21 to verify implementation of the step increment, if applicable.