• Fourth Quarter Programs


     Grade Level 
     Program Name

    Program Description

     Tiny Trekkers 
    tiny trekkers
     Imagine Being an Astronaut And Taking a Trip into Space!  That’s what young astronauts will experience during the Tiny Trekkers Program. Excitement will build as they simulate a shuttle liftoff and carry out onboard explorations.  Students work with a partner and rotate through life, earth, and/or physical science stations as they complete a variety of activities similar to those of the astronauts! Read More!
    You Are My Sunshine
    You sunshine

    When little Patrick gets a bad case of sunburn he mistakenly wishes that the Earth didn’t even have a Sun. Join Patrick and his friends as they discover how our wonderful sun . ....Read More!
    Science Quest

    science quest
     Primary students will explore plants, animals and investigate some of the ways humans interact with them. Read More!
    Digging into the Past
    Digging into the past
    What can fossils tell us about the organisms from the past and those on Earth today?  Come dig up the past and find out! Read more!
    Solar Quest   solar quest 

    The Sun and the Earth are interconnected in many ways! Come explore these connections! Read More!

     Space Colony

    space colony
     Students become colonists as they seek an exoplanet (a planet beyond our Solar System) that is habitable. Read More!
    Go with the Flow
    aka Water Wall 
    water wall


    Students will work as engineering design teams to create a path for water to flow down the wall without any leaks. Don’t be a drip! Come try it out. Read More!


    Challenger Mission: 
    Earth Odyssey
    CLC 30th anniversary Expedition Mars
    Mars beckons! Heed the call and voyage to our neighbor world. Read more! 
    7th & 8th
      Intro to Forensics
    This program exposes middle school students (7th and 8th graders) to a simulation like those depicted in the CSI TV shows.  While learning how to analyze crime scene evidence, students will record observations at a mock crime scene and analyze fingerprints, hair samples, and a mystery chemical. Read More!
    9th-12th Planet Hunters
    planet hunters
     Join the planet hunters: explore NASA data in search of earth-like worlds beyond our solar system! Read More!