• Second Quarter Programs


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    Susie's Snowflake

     susie snow 2015

     This is a charming story about a little girl and her experiences investigating snowflakes and stars. Additionally, there is a lively demonstration of the properties of air. Read More!
    2nd Tiny Trekkers 
    tiny trekkers
     Imagine Being an Astronaut And Taking a Trip into Space!  That’s what young astronauts will experience during the Tiny Trekkers Program. Excitement will build as they simulate a shuttle liftoff and carry out onboard explorations.  Students work with a partner and rotate through life, earth, and/or physical science stations as they complete a variety of activities similar to those of the astronauts! Read More!
    Wading in the Water
    wade in water

    From start to finish third graders will be encouraged to participate in planning, observing, testing, and best cleaning methods surrounding the substance of water.  
    Read More!

    Charged Up!
    charged up
     Fourth grade students certainly have noticed that movement is all around us, from our very own Earth to the smallest particle in water. How well do your students observe detail? Find out how they can investigate the behavior of flowing energy in varied settings and with different manipulated test.

    Read More!

    4th Heroes of the Sky 
    heroes in sky

     Walk through the doors of the planetarium, and the transformation is complete: you are now a demigod. Come learn about your relatives in the sky while testing your own new demigod skills! Read More!
    Zip, Zap, Zoink
    zip image 2016-17
     Visiting 4th Grade students and teachers will have fun conducting hands-on activities to support claims and provided evidenced explanations of how electrical energy is transferred and transformed in the context of investigation real-world energy phenomenon. Read More!

    Mine By Design 
    Mine By

     Design your own experiments to test the behavior of a variety of invertebrate animals in this exciting 4 hour STEM program.   Read More! 
    Rocket Launchers
    rocket launchers
    Launch into rocket design and engineering with this engaging 4 hour STEM program! Read More! 
    5th -6th

    Wind Power


    Do Your Students Have the Power? Come and see with this 4 hour STEM program.  Read More!


    Expedition Mars: CLC Mission
     CLC 30th anniversaryNew Expedition Mars log0
    Mars beckons! Heed the call and voyage to our neighbor world. Read more! 
    Unfolding the Universe

    unfolding the universe 16-17
     Come be inspired by the night sky! Turn your inspiration into creative writing!Read More!


    Scope It Out!

    scope it out


      Discover the world of cells on this microscopic adventure. Read More!
    Advanced Placement



    4 HOURS OF STEM to prepare for AP Bio EXAM 

    Let's observe and manipulate chemical reactions and energy flows that connect plant and animal life. Bioenergetics is designed to help the student pass the lab section on the AP Biology exam.   Read More!