• First Quarter Programs


     Grade Level 
     Program Name

    Program Description

    Shape Up for PreK

      Freddy the Frog black background

    Come find shapes in the sky and in everyday life along with Freddy the Frog! Read More! 
    Shape Up for K
    shape up 2015
     Come find shapes in the sky and turn them into pictures! Read More!

    Tiny Trekkers
    tiny trekkers
     Imagine Being an Astronaut And Taking a Trip into Space! That’s what young astronauts will experience during the Tiny Trekkers Program. Excitement will build as they simulate a shuttle liftoff and carry out onboard explorations. Students work with a partner and rotate through life, earth, and/or physical science stations as they complete a variety of activities similar to those of the astronauts! Read More!

    Wading in the Water 

    wade in water

    From start to finish third graders will be encouraged to participate in planning, observing, testing, and best cleaning methods surrounding the substance of water.Read More!

    4th & 5th 
    Understanding Our Changing Earth:
     What's Locked in Rocks
    Sallie Rock image

    Q. How did the Earth form?
    Q. How has the geology of the Earth changed?
    Q. How do we know? Read more!
    More than Meets the Eye


     more than meets the eye
    STEM discovery awaits! Students use binoculars under the planetarium stars! Read More!

    Mine By Design 
    Mine By

     Design your own experiments to test the behavior of a variety of invertebrate animals in this exciting 4 hour STEM program.   Read More! 
    5th and 6th 
     Wind Power

    Do Your Students Have the Power? Come and see with this 4 hour STEM program.  Read More!
    6th Eco Detectives

    Save the night by developing an effective lighting system while working in teams of engineers!Read More! 


    Challenger Mission: Lunar Quest 

     CLC 30th anniversary lunar quest   
     Do you have the right stuff to fly to the moon? Students carry on the spirit of exploration exemplified by Challenger astronauts when they take on this exciting, challenging mission! Read More!

    6th -8th
     Water: Life or Death 

     water life death1
    Let’s see whether you’re drinking, bathing in and cooking with pure, safe water.

    Read More for 6th

    Read More for 7th and 8th



    Space Exploration
    Rovers & Robotics

    lego rover
    Get Ready to Program and Redesign in this four-hour STEM program! Discover the world of space exploration through robotics.  Read More! 
    High School
    Challenger Mission:
    Lunar Quest for High School

        CLC 30th anniversary CLC HS boys

    3…2…1…0…  stem graphic 
    Students depart on an exciting adventure when they fly to the Moon on board a simulated spacecraft. Along the way they engage in STEM discovery by conducting research and hands-on activities Read More!
    High School

     Planet Hunters (pilot)

    planet hunters
    Join the planet hunters: explore NASA data in search of earth-like worlds beyond our solar system! Read More!