Prince George's County Public Schools

Pre and Post Visit Materials

For each program, there are pre-visit and post visit materials available.  Pre-visit materials are activities that build prior knowledge and review skills that will be used during the program.  With the understanding that time is always limited, teachers may wish to review the pre-visit activities and choose the activities that best fit the needs of their students.  Post visit materials are also available to continue instruction back at school. These materials are designed to enrich and elaborate on the concepts covered during the program.  Most post visit materials also include an assessment that can be used for evaluation purposes.

You may notice additional resources available to you such as websites, videos or PowerPoints under the pre and/or post visit materials.   They can be used as further support to enrich and elaborate on the concepts taught during the program.

newYou can now find our Pre and Post Visit materials right here on our website.  Just click on the program you are attending.

Quarter 1     Quarter 2     Quarter 3   Quarter 4
  Bioenergetics (AP)   Bioenergetics (AP)        
CLC: Return to the Moon   CLC: Earth's Odyssey        
Mine by Design   Encounter Pluto        
More than Meets the Eye   Intro to Forensics        
Shape Up    Heroes of the Sky        
Wading in the Water   I See the Light Waves        
 Wind Power   Mine by Design        
 Unfolding the Universe   Now You See It!        
Zip, Zap, Zoink   Observations of Matter        
     Susie's Snowflake        

  Tiny Trekkers        
     Wading in the Water        
    What a Difference                    
    What's Up